GIS Brus is an Austrian company active worldwide, operating in the Geographic Information Systems sector. We specialize in QGIS (Desktop, Server and Web) . We are also specialists in PostgreSQL, the Enterprise RDBMS, and its extension for spatial data PostGIS.

Our services

We work for you and in partnership with you. See how we can help:


Migration to Open Source GIS infrastructures, analysis and spatial data management.


QGIS (basic and advanced), Cartography, Spatial Databases and WebGIS.


QGIS, GeoServer, Leaflet (Desktop, Server, Web) support, remote and on-site.


OpenSource data integration in customer projects.

Web Development

Custom WebGIS design and development.

Data Analysis

Geographic data analysis and map production.

Our Open Source GIS know-how

We offer high quality GIS, using the latest available versions of Open Source GIS software. We are specialized in: Desktop-, Web- and 3d-GIS, our tools are: PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, Leaflet and OsgEarth

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Produce Maps from Database with QGIS

We produce high quality maps using the advanced functionalities for vector symbology, raster, labels, print layouts, etc. available in QGIS (Quantum GIS).

3D Cartography with QGIS and threejs

We produce 3D Pictures and Web based OpenGL views.

Publishing with QGIS

We publish your data in a spatial environment, with the characteristic of vector and/or raster. Ideal to map your database in a spatial environment.

Spatial Databases

We manage and analyze spatial and alphanumeric data using the power of the best Open Source RDBMS database: PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

WebGIS with QGIS and Leaflet or OpenLayers

We Publish easily your GIS projects on the Web, and develop custom Sites for Web Integration using the flexibility and ease of Leaflet or OpenLayers.

Python for QGIS

3D Spezial Application

3D custom development for Presentation with multi terminals and anaglyph 3D glasses, and the power of OsgEarth and OpenGL.

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